A guide to SEO easy wins

There is little point having a brilliant website commissioned if no one is visiting it. Are you doing enough to drive traffic to your website? If you aren’t thinking about SEO, then this guide will help you achieve some easy wins.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the number of visitors to a website by improving rankings in the algorithmic search engine results.

The first page of Google search results gets almost 95% of the clicks, so improving your SEO can increase visits to your website and thereby potentially increase sales and your customer base.

The good news is it isn’t complicated, and with a few small implementations, you could be an SEO whizz.


These are fundamental to conquering SEO. It’s all about what you do and where you are.

People don’t search for companies in the same way. They won’t just be looking for a packaging solution in Shropshire, it could be a box supplier in Shrewsbury or a glass bottle manufacturer in Ludlow, so devising a list of all relevant keywords is a good start.

This can be a straightforward task of sitting down and brainstorming relevant words. If you start typing in the search bar, you will also see a list of suggestions, which you can utilise.

You can also use keyword research tools to find out what people are using.

Once you have figured out the words that count, ensure you are using as many as possible in your website content, which will ultimately improve your search ranking.

Get your website back office in order

When you choose the page title, this isn’t the same as what you have called the page on your website, its what it shows up in the search results. The page title in the back office settings should be featuring your keywords for optimal SEO.

For example, we shouldn’t be calling our “What we do” page that on the back office. Ideally, we would be calling it “Marketing Agency services available nationwide.” The page title is like an advertisement.

The same goes for meta descriptions that show up under the page title in search results – keywords should be used, as well as enticing wording to draw in the visitors.

Listings and Reviews

Hopefully, your business will be listed on business directories like yell.com, and on social media. This information is utilised to build a picture of what you do.

It is important to search for your business to find these listings and make sure all information is completed in full and is correct. Imagine that the 3rd party website is the only place a customer might see your business – it needs to be right.

Make sure you are registered on ‘Google My Business’ and ‘Bing Places’ to improve what search engines know about you. Getting reviews on Google helps location search rankings as well.

Blogs and News

Keeping your website up to date with blogs (like this one!) or relevant news and articles that are ideally around 500 words, will also help your positioning with Google. Customers may also end up spending longer on your website if there is plenty of quality content for them to read.

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